About Us

Bangladesh News dot Info

Bangladesh News dot Info specializes in listing Bangladesh/Bengali news sources and media to act as a media watchdog, reporting on the status of the media and newspaper industries while reviewing their operation.

In short, we analyze and assess all forms of media, especially newspapers, in an impartial way – one thing you can be sure, we will never leave you wondering if you are a priority.

Our Mission
Bangladesh News dot Info is set on a mission to hold the newspaper industry and the general media accountable. Media has a powerful role when it comes to shaping society, ideas and spreading information – we want to make sure it’s done right.

Our team works diligently, every day, exploring through newspapers and other forms of media, combining journalistic curiosity and surgical precision to analyze it neutrally. To us, the audience – you – are all it matters.

Our Vision
We are a growing movement moved by a vision that continues to be as strong and determined as to when we first started.

We decided to create a platform where you can have access to different types of media and newspapers, carefully reviewed and analyzed to ensure that their information is aligned with the readers’ needs. No fake news, no careless reports. Only facts that truly matter.

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Bangladeshnews.info is a collection of all the best resources of Bangla or Bangladeshi News Papers, Magazines, Blogs and also news aggregator.