Jaijaidin was published and released by Shafik Rehman but lost the editors of Jaijaidin in 2008 because of its stance against an army-backed government. Kazi Rukanuddin Ahmed is the current editor. Sayeed Hossain Chowdhury is currently the editor-in-chief. It was a weekly newspaper until mid-2006, then it became a daily newspaper. It became famous in the 1980s for its modern stance and strong position against the military ruler Hossain Mohammad Ershad. Once Ershad was banned. It relaunched after the restoration of democracy in 1991. Jaijaidin of Shafik Rehman presented the celebration of the Day of Love (Bhalobasha Dibosh / Valentine’s Day) on February 14 in Bangladesh. Jaijaidin published for the first time special editions with articles for readers. The masses write the special editions of the magazines, and these magazines have helped to create a large number of independent article writers in Bangladesh. The publication is the place of writing for some non-Bangladeshis. Besides Valentine’s Day, this was the first Bengali news publication with a website. As Jaijaidin was weekly, it first implemented the reader survey to select the most famous artists.

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