Large onus on self-quarantine for recent arrivals

Amid growing number of self or home-quarantined people who are coming from abroad, the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) on Wednesday said that two of the three patients diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease associated with the 2019 novel coronavirus, have almost recovered. The IEDCRs briefing brought relief among the countrys people. IEDCR Briefing Two of the three people infected with the coronavirus tested negative in a retest conducted on Tuesday. Theyll be discharged from the hospital soon, IEDCR Director Prof Dr Meerjady Sabrina

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PM Conte says only food shops and chemists will stay open, as the WHO says coronavirus is a pandemic.

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জার্মানিতে প্রায় ৭০ শতাংশ মানুষ কোভিড-১৯…

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